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Efficiency analysis of small franchise enterprises through a DEA metafrontier model. The Service Industries Journal: Vol. 32, No. 15, pp. 2421-2434. severe competitiveness issues of Spanish rms, (iv) we con rm that the metafrontier is for a large part determined by Belgian rms. Second, we contribute by exposing intra-industry dynamics of competitiveness.


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(2012). Efficiency analysis of small franchise enterprises through a DEA metafrontier model. The Service Industries Journal: Vol. 32, No. 15, pp. 2421-2434.

May 17, 2017 Does anyone know how to estimate a Meta-Frontier Production Function in Stata ? Any syntax ideas would help. The only work I have seen so  Keywords: Health production, Health efficiency, Stochastic frontier analysis, Metafrontier analysis.

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ORCID 0000-0002-3906-1711 Abstract. The productive technology can be defined for different levels of aggregation (e.g., … The contemporaneous productivity, metafrontier productivity and TGR scores for all the DMUs are summarized in Table 8, in which the metafrontier productivity scores were measured without considering the nationality of shipyards.


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The main aim of this study was to compare tomato productivity of com-mercial and smallholder tomato farmers in the Nkomazi area, Mpumalanga, using a metafrontier analysis. The empirical results for the metafrontier analysis shows an average group technical efficiency (GE) score of 70.2% and average meta-technical efficiency of 56.7%.

industries indirectly. The Metafrontier MalmquistLuenberger productivity index - (MML index) is used to shed on these issues which light embody the contribution of this paper to the literature. The rest of this study is organized as follows. In Section we introduce the 2, "Assessing the performance of German Bundesliga football players: a non-parametric metafrontier approach," Central European Journal of Operations Research, Springer;Slovak Society for Operations Research;Hungarian Operational Research Society;Czech Society for Operations Research;Österr. In this paper a semiparametric stochastic metafrontier approach is used to obtain insight into the performance of manufacturing firms in Europe. We differ from standard TFP studies at the firm level as we simul- taneously allow for inefficiency, noise and do not impose a functional form on the input–output relation. However, metafrontier estimation requires parameters obtained from initial stochastic frontier analysis.
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model is possible as long as we can identify separate frontiers for For example, if a particular output, y, can be produced using input different groups in the data set (O’Donnell et al., 2007). As the analyzing method, the stochastic frontier is used as well as the metafrontier.

This section presents a brief overview on the examples of the metafrontier in efficiency and productivity analysis.
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2020-05-21 · A metafrontier production function for estimation of technical efficiencies and technology gaps for firms operating under different technologies. J Product Anal. 2004;21(1):91–103. View Article Google Scholar 22. Battese GE, Rao DSP. Technology Gap, Efficiency, and a Stochastic Metafrontier Function. 2010 (English) In: Empirical Economics, ISSN 0377-7332, E-ISSN 1435-8921, Vol. 38, no 1, p. 47-64 Article in journal (Refereed) Published Abstract [en] This paper presents an alternative framework for the decomposition of the Malmquist productivity index by using the concept of a metafrontier.